The 2015 NSW Public Library Reference and Information Services Group Seminar

  1. Reference at the Metcalfe 2015
    NSW Reference and Information Services Group in partnership with Public Library Services, State Library of NSW

    9.45 Welcome and housekeeping

    10.00 - 11.00 Alison Macrina from Massachusetts. Privacy in browsing, being aware about how much information is being shared, what people are agreeing to - user education elements, and what staff should know about

    11 - 11.15 Terms of Service [Al Jazeera America] - relevant information about privacy

    11.15 - 12.00 What are the reference skills needed to work in a public library now, and to be ready for whatever happens in the future? John Taggart from Manly will discuss what does the skill set look like - including those put forward by Meredith Farkas. Participants in the seminar will be involved in this discussion.

    12.00 - 1.00 lunch - provided by the State Library of NSW

    1.00 - 1.45 How does your catalogue help you? What can be done to make more resources more findable? Martin Boyce from Sutherland will share some ideas and examples. @boycetrus

    1.45 - 2.00 The State Library hosted a seminar on Maker spaces 6 May. What are the implications of these for information services? How can you connect making and information? What are the implications of being able to provide a 3D printout as part of the answer to a reference or information question? Jennifer Wilson will explore these ideas.

    2.00 - 2.40No more desk. From Lisa Greenwood Taree and Shiralee Franks from Tamworth will talk about how going deskless changed their information service delivery. This will be a timely follow on from sessions in previous years on roving services.
  2. 2.40 - 3.30 10 slides in 5 minutes session - your opportunity to find out what is happening in libraries across NSW
    Michelle Goldsmith From Wyong, Belynda Jaeger from Gosford, Neera Sahni from Parramatta and Ross Balharrie from NSW.net.
  3. Getting ready for the day
  4. Alison Macrina from Library Freedom Project
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