Twitter Chat: #edtechchat with Host: @KatrinaStevens1 and guest moderator: @OfficeofEdTech on April 13, 2015 @ 5 pm about Developing for Impact!

  1. Q1: How is equity an #edtech issue?
  2. Q2: What areas of need should be a priority for developing new #edtech tools?
  3. Q3: How can educators work with entrepreneurs to create better tools?
  4. Q4: What’s important for developers to know about how schools work?
  5. Q5: How can educators and edtech developers/entrepreneurs find one another?
  6. I think before we get ahead of ourselves and start discussing new #edtech tool we need to address and correct the BIG issue that not all students have access to technology as it it. That should be resolved before we try to expand upon #edtech tools.
  7. There is a strong correlation between parental involvement and student achievement in school. We need to ensure that if our students do not have support at home, that we support them to the best of our abilities.
  8. Internet access may seem natural and normal to you and me but that's not the reality. Many students do not have access to internet let alone a computer, phone, tablet, etc.
  9. Just because we have access to technology does not mean it is going to better our students' learning. It must be used properly and efficiently in order to further the learning of a child.
  10. I wanted to play Kahoot! in my classroom but so few of my students have access to the Internet on their phone (or even have a phone) that it was just not an accessible tool for me to use in the classroom. In addition, it is almost impossible to get ahold of those ChromeBooks when you need them!
  11. Just because we have access to technology and internet does not mean we should assume our students have the same.
  12. Tia is 100% right. We are not all given phones, computers, tablets and kindles on our birthdays. Not everyone has equal access to technology.
  13. We have all this new technology that can be used to better our students' learning, yet many teachers remain unchanged in their teaching techniques. How are our modern day classrooms still resembling the type of school my dad attended over 50 years ago?
  14. Stop assuming that everyone has access to technology!
  15. There are significant impacts when a student does not have access to technology, especially if you are giving them assignments that are almost impossible without access to technology or take up to 5 times longer without technology. Know your students and what they do have access to!
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