First Ride of the BMW K1600B, The Bagger

A Return To The Wild Side of Motorcycling

  1. For months now--perhaps even more than a year--we've been seeing pictures and posts about the upcoming BMW Bagger, a re-tuned and revised sport-touring machine designed to tickle the fancy of the cruiser market. Editors were able to sit on a non-running model at the G310R launch last year. And I'd personally seen the Roland Sands prototype hiding in plain sight back in 2015, parked amongst other custom bikes in a HotBike magazine show during the Sturgis rally.
  2. This year, at the Buffalo Chip Crossroads, BMW had the bike not only on display, but open to test rides... of the running production model. The press hasn't even ridding the bike yet... and I know because I'll be attending the launch in the coming weeks. But that didn't stop me from going "civilian" and signing up for a test ride. Ten miles later I've come away with a few pictures and comments... as has the public at large, and this is what they have to saw so far about the brand new bagger.
  3. The Bagger has arrived! 
#k1600b #bmwmotorrad #k1600 #bagger #hourglasscycles #hourglassbmw #bmwmotorcyclesofbuford
    The Bagger has arrived! #k1600b #bmwmotorrad #k1600 #bagger #hourglasscycles #hourglassbmw #bmwmotorcyclesofbuford
  4. Long and low, this 1600cc machine reaches for new heights, but doen't leave enough room to store your helmet in the saddlebags when you walk away.
  5. #BMW #K1600B #BMWMotorrad #Motorrad #makelifearide
    #BMW #K1600B #BMWMotorrad #Motorrad #makelifearide
  6. The press materials were ironically shot in my old neighborhood of Santa Monica, California... those sneaky operative! :) "The standard dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) provides optimum handling and riding dynamics. In addition, the "CRUISE" setting ensures soft damping comfort. The optional floorboards offer a relaxed foot-forward riding position. With additional options like the audio system with Satellite Radio and Bluetooth, Hill Start Control (HSC), Shift Assist Pro, Central Locking/Alarm, and additional storage compartments, you can improve your riding experience in a fully customized way. With a relaxed posture and an unmistakable presence, you are guaranteed to draw looks from your fellow riders."
  7. The highly anticipated K1600B has finally arrived!! Bike will be available for viewing within the next couples days! 
#bmwmotorradusa #bmwmotorrad #k1600 #k1600b #motorcycles #509 #prosser #bmw #yamaha
    The highly anticipated K1600B has finally arrived!! Bike will be available for viewing within the next couples days! #bmwmotorradusa #bmwmotorrad #k1600 #k1600b #motorcycles #509 #prosser #bmw #yamaha
  8. From BMW: "The 1600 6-cylinder in-line engine ensures the desired dynamics with smooth power delivery that is unmatched. Its maximum torque of 129 lb-ft (175 Nm) and 160 hp (118 kW) develop an incomparable and effortless thrust. At 1500 rpm, 70% of torque is already achieved. This means even the smallest movement of your wrist results in impressive acceleration. After arriving at your destination, the Reverse Assist option ensures effortless maneuvering. By choosing Keyless Ride you add another technical highlight that perfectly rounds off the overall package."
  9. The windscreen is cropped, but extends quite far.
  10. Hidden inside the right-hand saddlebag is a media pocket and USB connection.
  11. Articulating floorboards look awkwardly angled, but fit the foot rather well.
  12. Tag, your it! More to come!
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