Google News Lab Seeks to Collaborate with Journalists

Nick Whitaker, Media Outreach Manager for Google shows Texas State University students how to use Google News Lab to write their next story.

  1. The goal of Google News Lab is to collaborate with journalists.
  2. “I focus with training and development areas of the team, I’m working with newsrooms and universities around the world to create better curriculum so that we can get technology into the hands of journalists who need it," said Whitaker.
  3. has free online training materials with over 50 lessons on site translated in at least 15 different languages, which also incorporates different ways of learning.
  4. One section of Google News Lab focuses on trends, which observes what people most frequently search for.
  5. Tools such as trends, seek to find what people are searching for and get an idea of how peoples’ interests are changing.Google trends is honest and accurate as it focuses on particular issues.
  6. Google News Lab also works with groups such as first draft coalition, which is an organization of verification and fact checkers who also work to educate others about fact checking.
  7. Storyful is also in collaboration with Google News Room, which allows journalists to access user generated content. Storyful reviews content posted by other people and filters which content is most credible.
  8. Whitaker also explained the importance of helping the audience immerse and interact with a story. This is called immersive storytelling, which is a new method of storytelling that has only been around for a couple of years.
  9. "Virtual reality is this whole new medium, this whole new format of storytelling," Whitaker said.
  10. He then showed students the different types of cameras and technology available to create an immersive storytelling experience but advised that the best camera is available to students.
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