Aspire to Inspire: Recap of #TXConfWomen

  1. Our Brand Specialist @hellowhitley is taking over the @medleyinc Twitter account today with live tweets from Austin at the Texas Conference for Women! Keep up ---> @medleyinc #txconfwomen
    Our Brand Specialist @hellowhitley is taking over the @medleyinc Twitter account today with live tweets from Austin at the Texas Conference for Women! Keep up ---> @medleyinc #txconfwomen
  2. This year was my first time attending the 15th Annual Texas Women's Conference hosted by the first lady of Texas, Anita Perry. I was invited to go by our client, Iriel Franklin, founder of Get Fit or Get Fat, as she was going to be an exhibitor at the conference. I was so ecstatic to go because I love being in the presence of great women who have paved the way for many women like myself to flourish in our desired fields.
  3. As soon as I entered into the Austin Convention Center I knew I wasn't going to leave the same. There were over 100 exhibitors of women-owned businesses and representatives from different ventures welcoming you as you entered the conference hall. Among them was Iriel Franklin, the founder of Get Fit or Get Fat. She lost over 100 pounds in a year, and she wanted to inspire others to do the same; the conference was the right place to do that at.
  4. After reviewing the list of breakout sessions, I decided to attend the "It's All About a Brand New Brand You!" session, sponsored by Dell. Of course I chose this session- it's my career! I also chose it because it had a great line-up of phenomenal expert panelists and I'm always working to learn new techniques when it comes to the development of personal branding.
  5. The overflow of knowledge that I received from this session was amazing! I left the session feeling refreshed and updated on what others were doing in my field when it relates to branding. The women on the panel were so humble and eager to share their knowledge. My next breakout session was "Inside High Tech Culture" sponsored by Freescale with panelists from Black Girls Code and GoldieBlox. Technology is a huge part of my career, so I loved learning about the new trends in the industry.
  6. I sat in the front row for this session, and noticed the founder of Black Girls Code was sitting next to me, Kimberly Bryant. We engaged in conversation about the inspiration behind her non-profit, and I was immediately inspired! I wanted to code just from speaking with her. Her passion shined through as she spoke about how she wanted to change the world of technology. The CEO of Goldielocks, Debbie Sterling was very inspiring as well. Her passion matched Kimberly's, they both wanted to encourage young girls to choose math and science and become some of technology's most innovative leaders. I loved it.
  7. It was now time for lunch (my stomach's favorite session)! The keynote speakers that were lined up for lunch were remarkable. The wondrous women, Soledad O'brien, Tamara Mellon, Diana Nyad and Anita Perry delivered astonishing speeches that resonated with me.
  8. As the conference came to an end, I realized how honored I was to be in the presence of such awesome exchanges. These women turned a dream into a reality. They all knew that in order to succeed, they had to believe and take that first step.
  9. Thank you, Texas Women's Conference for sharing a wealth of ways to be great. I can't wait for next year!
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