1. I think I meant equity* not edtech. This was my firs Twitter chat, and it was very stressful! I have never tried to type so quickly in my life. And Im currently in what is my fifth year of college (cumulatively) so I have been racing against midnight deadlines for a long time. Hopefully I got better as the Twitter chat went along, let's find out.
  2. The idea of having technology in the classroom, and the reality of it are two different things. I'm fortunate to be at a college that uses 20% of it's university class time to teach us about technology, and be student teaching at a school that offers technology professional development workhops. That is not the reality for every teacher out there though. So as much as I agree that technology is crucial for teaching the 21st century learner, the 20th century teachers might need some trainign and or assistance along the way.
  3. Ashley is absolutely right, students deserve a say in their education. Especially those who are business oriented. Education and technology should be relevant and applicable to students' lives! That way students won't ever have to ask "why are we learning this." They will be motivated and engaged from the get-go.
  4. As Brooks said, it is so important to know how information is being shared these days. Some schools have iPads, come have chrombooks, others have full laptops or computers. Some don't have any of that at all. So keeping a diverse range of clients in mind when creating and pushing a new product is very important.
  5. Networking! This is a skill we use everyday in every profession, great idea. That's something we should incorporate into our curriculum as well.
  6. It was an interesting chat, and cool to see people from all over the place connecting and talking about some of the hot topics/buzzwords in education and using technology in the classroom.
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