Fr. Holtschneider hosts student town hall meeting in light of building racial tension on campus

Following months-long racial tension here, the tipping point of which was a chaotic protest that shut down a student group's controversial event, Father Holtschneider held a student town hall meeting on DePaul's Lincoln Park campus for an open discussion between students.

  1. The meeting today was announced in an email with the subject "DePaul Must Do Better," largely addressing the recent event and subsequent protests of conservative and controversial Breitbart journalist Milo Yiannopoulos' visit to DePaul.
  2. Registration for the event started at 6 p.m. Thursday night and was filled to its 200-person capacity just three hours later. Courtelyou Commons, where the meeting was housed, hosted students from both sides of the controversy, though DePaulia reporters predict that there were fewer conservative than liberal students present.
  3. Fr. Holtschneider started the meeting with an overview of the Yiannopoulous event and an apology for how it was handled.
  4. The floor was largely open to students to discuss grievances with the university. Topics aside from the Yiannopoulos event ranged from the treatment of adjuncts, to the lack of prioritization of women and gender studies, to general safety on campus.
  5. But, of course, much of the conversation surrounded racial tension on campus, some comments specific to the Yiannopoulous event and others about general state of race relations here.
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