1. Blame Donald Trump. Blame Islam. In the aftermath of the Quebec City mosque shooting, which left six dead and five more in critical condition, there was no shortage of people looking for someone—or something—to blame.
  2. Without all the facts in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy that occurred during Sunday's evening prayers at the Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec, two polarizing narratives took place on social media, each one reinforcing the entrenched political divide that exists not only in Canada but across the world.
  3. Many were quick to blame President Trump, as his anti-Muslim rhetoric throughout the U.S. presidential campaign became reality on Friday afternoon when Trump signed an executive order that banned citizens of nine Muslim majority countries from entering the U.S. for at least 90 days and halted the acceptance of Syrian refugees for the 120 days.
  4. Even those who are often quoted in the media, such as pollster Frank Graves, were quick to jump to conclusions. (He later deleted the tweet and apologized for speculating.)
  5. But as some blamed Trump without merit, it didn't take long for fake news to rear its ugly head, with flat out lies about police radio saying there are two suspects, both Syrian refugees.
  6. (Note: CBC News never reported this.)
  7. Some of the misinformation spread further via The Rebel's Lauren Southern, who was posting links to unverified rumours on the website 4chan. (She also deleted her tweets soon afterwards.)
  8. When news reports emerged on Monday morning that two men had been arrested—one with a French Canadian surname, the other with a Muslim-sounding surname, baseless Twitter speculation ramped up that one of them must be a Muslim convert—even though officials hadn't released any details to verify such a claim.
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