No women in my group, please: #YorkU student

A York University student said he couldn't attend the in-person group meetings for his online course because interacting with women is against his religion. The professor said no dice, but university administration sided with the student. Cue the backlash and cries of sexism.

  1. The story really took off after The Globe and Mail published a report on the incident. It quickly became a national story, with users weighing in on social media.
  2. And request for other human, er, rights. 
  3. Twitter sages provided words of wisdom.
  4. “York is a public secular university with a commitment to equality,” Sociology professor Paul Grayson, who ran the online course, wrote in a report mentioned in a Canadian Press article. "To grant the accommodation would be to give tacit support to a negative view of women." The student, who can't be named, ended up attending the group meetings with his female colleagues. However, the faculty Dean, Provost and the university's Centre for Human Rights countered that the request should have been accommodated. An overwhelming majority of comments criticized the university's decision.
  5. Live chats sprung up on news outlets, #YorkU trended across Canada, and Federal politicians chimed in.
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