COECT16 Recap

MSU College of Education Technology Conference 2016

  1. The 33rd Annual MSU College of Education Technology Conference was held on Saturday, November 5, 2016. Made possible through a collaboration between the College of Education and the Master of Arts in Educational Technology Program, COETC16 allowed educators to explore technology use across the curriculum while connecting with innovative educators from across the region.
  2. We've gathered a small portion of the ideas, thoughts, and experiences that enthusiastic participants shared on Twitter during the conference. If you're hungry for more, just search #COETC16 on Twitter and Instagram!
  3. The theme of this year’s conference was equity, with a focus on S.T.E.M., Maker Ed, Computer Science, and UDL. These topics resonated with more than a few conference participants, who were excited to hear the perspectives shared by Ruthe Farmer (Senior Policy Advisor for Tech Inclusion at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy). Ruthe discussed three dimensions to equity--diversity, access, and inclusion--and illustrated these dimensions with national statistics and personal narratives.
  4. Ruthe's talk was live sketchnoted by Sara Wood. The use of an "old school" whiteboard to capture ideas at an ed tech conference was a juxtaposition not lost on these sharp educators!
  5. In the first set of sessions, educators explored, created, and shared ideas and technologies relating to topics ranging from non-digital game design to UDL to media literacy.
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