Sensory Guru talks accessibility with BBC

As part of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, the team at Sensory Guru were pleased to be invited to the BBC to demonstrate how products like the Magic Carpet, can help to improve access and inclusivity for people with disabilities.

  1. The Magic Carpet is an app-based interactive projection system that stimulates and engages participants of all ages and abilities. It is used for learning, therapy and play.
  2. The Magic Carpet is great for encouraging movement, communication and social interaction, as well as relaxation and sensory stimulation. Educational apps can also be accessed through our app store, this provides a medium for people with disabilities to work towards the national curriculum by using a learning platform that suits their dominant access methods.
  3. The Magic Carpet is fully integrated with Tobii Dynavox Eye Tracking devices making it accessible for everyone, whether it be through Eye Gaze, Gesture, Switch devices, Touch or Mouse.
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