Christmas Lights Switch On in Manchester

Christmas is coming!

  1. Yesterday Manchester celebrated the switch on of the christmas lights throughout the whole city. The biggest celebrations took place in Albert Square in the city center. The highlight of the evening was the switch on of the lights of the giant Santa in the middle of the square as well as the switch on of all the christmas lights in the city, followed by incredible fireworks around the town hall. Hundreds of people gathered in front of the townhall in the early evening to celebrate the beginning of the christmas season together. Livemusic and dance acts helped to create an atmosphere beyond comparison. The fireworks, which were lit at 8pm and which were accompanied by fitting music, were breathtaking and the highlight of the evening!
  2. Manchester Christmas Lights Switch On 2015
  3. Magical Manchester
    Magical Manchester
  4. So, I guess, Christmas Time is definitely here now! Even though it's only November and still a bit too warm to get into real christmas mood, let's enjoy the best "season" of the year! Manchester now looks incredible with all the lights in basically every street and every shop! Next weekend the christmas markets in the city will open and then it's definitely time to drink the first mulled wine of the year and to turn on some christmas songs! :)
  5. Coca Cola® Christmas Song by 'Melanie Thornton Wonderful Dream Holidays Are Coming'
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