Meet the Exquisite Movers

In addition to Exquisite Movement, each of the 7 EM founders posts to their own Instagram channel. Meet the movers as they create art inspired by world around them.

  1. I can hear Green Day sound checking "Wake Me Up When September Ends" across the park. Waking up. Happy fall. #thedailygroove
  2. Just in awe of what's in front of me. 馃尣馃彅馃彏 In Montana now, thinking back to my magical time in the #hohrainforest. Truly awe inspiring. Oh, the things we saw! This video is from our lovely campsite before we went deep into the Rainforest and the river took both the bottoms of my shoes! Now adventuring in the remnants of @teva s. Worth it. #MovedToMove by living magic
  3. This 70 degree weather has me back to living my v best homebody satorial life 鈽冿笍馃尙馃憵馃憲馃憱馃憯馃檹
  4. Repost from @exquisitemovement its Disney week and honestly I'm all about the classics. Feeling over joyed to be moving into a cool period artistically and overwhelmed with work work. (When you wish upon a star by Cliff Edwards) . . . #exquisitemovement #dailymovement #disney #pinocchio #environmentalart #dreams
  5. today my brain was like that arcade game where you pop the ball in and it bing boings everywhere and you try to stop it from rolling off the edge, I forget the name of that one. but anyways, the longer you hang out in their the weirder it gets and sometimes it makes me trip and fall because there's a lot of clutter to step over but sometimes it's also good to know that there's always more to not figure out bing boing bing boing { when I grow up - d. lissvik remix - fever ray } ps growing up is a myth you're already here
  6. The "drive three extra hours to avoid a hurricane" dance with @emmmoves #dailydance #wildwesternqueers #ilovesouthtx
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