1. It all started with a heads-up that something epic was about to happen:
  2. We had an incredible turnout at the auditions. Contestants danced as the judges went through the room handing out golden tickets.
  3. We named our 16 finalists. It was officially on.
  4. On August 18th, the battle lines were drawn. Our judges at the event were people who are doing incredible work building the future of VR:

    Bruce Wooden, aka Cymatic Bruce, Head of Developer and Community Relations at AltspaceVR
    Eva Hoerth, VR Evangelist and Design Researcher
    Lisa Kotecki, Community Manager at AltspaceVR
    The Wave, creators of a synesthetic cross­-platform VR experience
    Timoni West, Principal Designer at Unity Labs
    Zvi Greenstein, General Manager and Head of VR Business Development at NVIDIA
  5. Our team met at AltspaceVR HQ with the judges:
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