1. Some people would probably say a prayer of thanks after getting pulled over for speeding and let go with only a warning. But instead of even a warning, a trucker who got pulled over for speeding in Indiana got aprayer from the state trooper who pulled him over.

    Rodney Gibson, 60, was on Indiana Highway 37 in Monroe County on Monday, hauling a load of recycled cardboard from Kentucky to Michigan. A few hours earlier, he’d stopped in Evansville to see his 35-year-old daughter, Jenica Hand, who told her dad she was losing her battle to breast cancer.

    Gibson’s thoughts of his daughter were interrupted, according to an interview with the Bloomington Herald-Times, by the familiar red and blue flashing lights of a state trooper, who pulled the rig over for excessive speeding. By his own account in the newspaper, Gibson admits he was upset and contentious with the officer.
  2. Good Morning America had an interview with Indiana StatePolice Sgt. Todd Durnil, the officer who pulled him over. Durnil said he noticed the trucker was in obvious distress, and found a connection over an angel pin on Gibson’s sun visor, identical to one he had. When he pointed the pin out, the officer said the trucker’s eyes welled up with tears as he explained that the pin was a gift from his daughter. The same one whose prognosis was so grim.

    After conducting a vehicle inspection and hearing his story,Durnil said he decided not to issue a ticket to Gibson. When he handed him the paperwork that showed no violations were found, he asked if there was anything else he could do for him.

    Gibson told the newspaper he asked Durnil sarcastically if he knew how to pray.
  3. Turns out, the officer does. And it was a request he didn’tmind fulfilling right then and there.

    “I took my hat off and knelt there on the side of the truck,and took his hand and said a prayer for him and his family that they would have the Lord’s peace through this difficult time,” Durnil said in the TV interview.

    The two men prayed together, and Gibson called the trooper’s station the following day to let them know how much he appreciated the kind gesture.

    “I know there have been a lot of negative things said about police officers and law enforcement, and I want people to know what this officer did for me,” Gibson said in an interview with the newspaper. “He helped get me down the road, because I had so much on my mind and was having a pretty rough day.”
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