1. I participated in a Twitter chat on Earth Day, 4/22/15, 5:00 PT, with the New Teachers group #ntchat. It was kind of sad to hear how few schools were celebrating it. However, participants had some great tips.
  2. Our moderator, Lisa Dobbs, noted the great resources available for teachers about Earth Day on Edutopia.
  3. Co-moderator Derek Keenan described some simple things we can do to encourage recycling in our class.
  4. I pointed out that schools where we live are tackling big projects, like installing solar panels, to deal with environmental problems.
  5. However, my school didn't do particular activities to honor Earth Day, at least not to my knowledge.
  6. One teacher on the Twitter Chat had her class Skype with the author of a children's book about the great Pacific garbage patch. Awesome idea! Here's the link:
  7. Another teacher shared some Earth Day materials for Spanish teachers. Love it!
  8. Yet another gave me a great idea for a social studies lesson about child labor related to the electronics industry. We talked about this a little in my class about a month ago, but I didn't make the environmental connection.
  9. Although I didn't observe any Earth Day celebrations on my campus, I did see some signs around the school about a beach clean up. I'm not sure it was related to Earth Day, but it's a great idea and an easy sell. I have done it several times for the Hebrew temple.
  10. I am proud to report that our city, Encinitas, no longer allows plastic grocery bags. Hooray!
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