EdTech Twitter Chat 4/13

On 4/13/15, I participated in a popular Twitter Chat on ed tech. I heard some interesting things from educators and tech entrepreneurs about the use of digital tools in the classroom. Participants discussed what's working, and what isn't in the world of ed tech. Let's start with the bad news.

  1. There is a barrier to entry, if you will, for new ed tech tools. Schools can't afford to waste money and time on apps that make marginal improvements.
  2. Also, schools can't afford to spend money on proprietary formats and accessories that aren't compatible with the tech they already have.
  3. Now the good news. Asked what tech tools schools need, participants had some great ideas. I liked @MeganPank's suggestion that tech tools be created that are geared to students' different ages/abilities and cross-curricular.
  4. Also, tech tools should not be cute but gimmicky apps that have no real educational purpose.
  5. I suggested tech tools be created that will allow for access to primary source documents and creative work. I'm always thinking about those common core literacy and critical thinking standards.
  6. My colleague at CSUSM, Janine Renner, was thinking along the same lines.
  7. One student-centered teacher suggested we ask the kids what tech tools they need. Imagine that!
  8. Of course, I had to pipe up and complain about the lack of good Spanish-language tech tools. I hope some tech entrepreneurs took notice. My comment got favorited a few times. :)
  9. Our moderator @KatrinaStevens1 suggested some ways to connect with tech entrepreneurs and tell them what our technology needs are.
  10. I was surprised that some of the suggestions actually involved face-to-face contact.
  11. I wanted specifics, so I was like, "When and where near me?"
  12. Lo and behold, there was an EdSurge Tech Summit in LA on the 25th!
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