Lent 2014 on #chsocm: Some highlights

There are too many interesting things happening online this Lent to keep track of them all on a daily basis. Today, I took a look back to pull out some highlights.

  1. Ashes to Go was once again a tremendous success across the country in helping spread the word about God's love and forgiveness among those who seldom hear it. Here are a few of my favorite moments and reflections.
  2. The Episcopal Bishop of Washington brought Ash Wednesday to the streets. An RNS photo essay  http://t.co/MZmKj3AFD8 http://t.co/ZYqP2L5kh5
    The Episcopal Bishop of Washington brought Ash Wednesday to the streets. An RNS photo essay t.co/MZmKj3AFD8 t.co/ZYqP2L5kh5
  3. Sending much love & respect to fellow faith leaders out in the streets in TN for #ashestogo #AshWednesday God bless!
  4. The Rev. Jimmy Abbott (@revjimmy) standing in the rain with #ashestogo
    The Rev. Jimmy Abbott (@revjimmy) standing in the rain with #ashestogo
  5. Building on past successes with #chsocm faith formation activities, Saint Michael and All Angels in Dallas has invited the church to chime in with prompted images from our everyday lives. Some of them are tremendously moving.
  6. Brother, Give Us a Word has once again moved to YouTube for Lent. Each day, the brothers of the Society of St. John the Evangelist have been inviting participants to "Watch the Videos, Write your Answers, Share #LoveLife" in their online study of the Gospel of John. 

    This video about Lazarus got a lot of conversation going, in answer to the question "What's got you half-dead?"
  7. "At 65 years of age, I certainly don’t like the thought of being ‘half dead’. Yet, I get that way when I fail to act on daily priorities either because I would rather worry about them, wallow in them or procrastinate. The same is true when I separate myself from God; fail to listen to the Spirit or fail to act in, and with love. Today, many we heed the Spirit’s call to rise up and act with love."

    "I really don’t feel half dead. This is one of the best times in my life! There some problems in the family, but they do not take away from the gift of new life I experience each day. For this I am grateful."

    "What has me half dead is the time I waste worrying and thinking about things that I have no control over and not taking care of the things God has put in front of me to deal with. Here is my prayer- Dear Lord- please remind me of all the good in my life and push me in the right direction to do your will…. Thanks to God. Amen."

    "When I was diagnosed with terminal cancer at a relatively young age, I shocked my loved ones with the response, 'Well, okay.' It was less responsibility to be dead than alive. It was a relief to lay aside the battle. Sounds like the parable of the talents, doesn’t it? I am ashamed. My family, friends and colleagues whipped up a fierce storm of prayer and presence. That was almost five years ago. I am smarter now (sort of) and when I catch myself carrying my blanket and pillow to the tomb, I laugh."

    Some other favorite reflections:
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