Clearing the Air conference and National Asthma Patient Alliance Meeting: in 140 character bits.New Story

  1. Of much importance is that Alon is a patient himself, living with Crohn's disease: not just talk.
  2. Met some folks from GSK, Boeringher Ingelheim and AstraZeneca. (Disclosure: Dia and I are going to Denver funded by GSK in mid-May, so we had a good chat with Helene from GSK Canada, whom I met in Quebec City in 2012!)
  3. This is something I do, and I was happy to hear Alon underscore the value of experience but ensuring a disclaimer was attached!
  4. Realistic expectations are possibly a way to engage patients better, not running-through-fields-of-daisies. :] (Hint to Xolair..!)
  5. and then the lights went out in our subcommittee meeting.
    and then the lights went out in our subcommittee meeting.
  6. After a short break to switch gears, we headed to the Clearing the Air conference gala. I enjoyed sitting with Rob (and Helene from GSK!), even though Rob made fun of me :].
  7. Dia couldn't attend the gala so I last-minute had to present the Patient Advocacy award to Bill Swan (I mostly stood there, thank goodness). I think I was the first person of the event to opt out of using the stairs as they were at the far end of the stage from where I was--fortunately on Tuesday everybody else started forgoing the stairs... ;)
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