How women survive ordeal of 'empty wombs'

This is what people say on social media regarding infertility among women. Heart wrenching at times. Inspiring in other instances

  1. Infertility is like a curse in some african societies. As Waiting Wombs Trust puts it, there is no need to call someone a witch for being infertile

  2. This couple's story reminds me that ability to bear children is not automatic. That we must be careful on what questions we ask the 'waiting wombs'
  3. Many waiting wombs have found solace by forming groups and encouraging one another
  4. And yes, sometimes the wait is worth it. Surely they are more than mother as Merck puts it
  5. A word from the scripture offers solace too
  6. Empty Womb, Aching Heart Hope and Help for Those Struggling With Infertility
  7. The womb can be forced to wait... infant mortality is real but preventable at time
  8. Medical discoveries offers ray of hope for the empty wombs
  9. Womb transplants: Swedish boys born from their grandmothers’ wombs
  10. Surely we should never treat our women as purely wombs
  11. As Kate puts it, women are not walking wombs. There is more to being a woman.
  12. If you do not want to shed tears do not watch this video. Why the suffering. This woman is my hero
  13. Merck More Than A Mother with Grace Kambini AKA "Mama Chips"
  14. Merck More Than A Mother Pastor Nina and Antony Njoroge
  15. There is hope for the empty wombs in Merck More than a mother
  16. Merck More than a Mother -Rasha Kelej & Joyce Lay visit infertile women in Kenya
  17. Science is amazing... endless possibilities for waiting wombs
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