Hilarious: #WhyKalonzoSkippedOath

Kenyans are yet to spare the NASA co-principal for skipping the #NasaOathDay

  1. The Word Kalonzo now has a new meaning
  2. Wetangula means we tangulia in swahili (go ahead of me)
  3. Ninja look
  4. Wa wa wa waaaaaa... the women beware
  5. The water melon is a popular fruit in Kenya for the wrong reasons
  6. A new car is in town
  7. This fake Mudavadi account also had a point
  8. The melon has a place in this?
  9. They found him at last?
  10. Oh no.... this is going too far now
  11. The athlete in John Mbadi demystified
  12. Ahaa Miguna is capable of this
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