"Visualizing the Body"

A Symposium in Honor of the 500th Anniversary of Vesalius' Birth

  1. In November, the University of Minnesota held a symposium in honor of the birth of the famed anatomist, Vesalius, in which four speakers were asked to speak on issues related to the history of early modern medicine. The symposium was organized by Jole Shackelford; co-sponsored by the Wangensteen Historical Library, the HSTM Program, the Consortium for the Study of the Premodern World, and the Department of Integrative Biology and Physiology; and hosted at the Wagensteen Historical Library, which currently has a Vesalius exhibit on display (until May 8, 2015!) that you should check out if you're nearby!
  2. Unfortunately, few of us in the program tweet and even then, one had to be out of town and one had to leave halfway through, leaving only me to livetweet through the entire program, so you have to bear with me for a while!
  3. 1. Michael McVaugh, University of North Carolina, “A Medieval Surgeon's Anatomy.”
    2. Jole Shackelford, University of Minnesota, “Andreas Vesalius as Surgeon: Revisiting the authorship of Chirurgia Magna (1568).”
    3. Susan Lawrence, Ohio State University, “Working Words: Dissection, Surgery and Clinical Medicine in Eighteenth-Century London.”
    4. Myriam Nafte, McMaster University, “Institutional Bodies: Identity, Narrative and the Undisposed Dead.”
  4. First Talk:

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