So, There Was a Car Hanging Off a Parking Garage Downtown.

It's Friday afternoon. There's a car hanging off a parking garage in downtown Austin. And people have opinions about it.

  1. Need to work out the kinks of the gondola system before I ride it, I think.
  2. Great, traffic is gonna suck even worse now.
  3. Poor car. It had so much to live for.
  4. Hey, Vern, it looks like your mom's been out driving again.
  5. Probably trying to catch a rattata.
  6. Rent it out for $1,000/month. It's a steal, and you can't beat the location.
  7. Wow, can't imagine how scary that must have been. Now I want to see video of them cutting the car loose.
  8. Yea if you look carefully you can see Vin Diesel crawling out of the car.
  9. These Mopac detours are gettin a little out of hand dontcha think.
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