UNRISD Director Sarah Cook in Australia

Sarah Cook's recent two-week trip to Australia generated much and varied digital media coverage. Follow the story here.

  1. Trip to the Gold Coast in Australia
    Trip to the Gold Coast in Australia
  2. Sarah Cook left Geneva on 11 November, embarking on a two-week visit to Canberra and Sydney to give opening presentations at two international conferences and speak at a number of panel discussions, public seminars and workshops.
    The first event in Canberra was a public forum on the damaging consequences of inequality, along with Richard Wilkinson, one of the authors of The Spirit Level, the recent influential book on the social impacts of inequality.
    The video of the event (also available on the webpage below) got some Twitter promotion too.
  3. This was immediately followed by the Australian National University (ANU) conference Rethinking Environmental Futures in Asia and the Pacific on 14-15 November 2013. In her keynote presentation, Sarah Cook examined the changing landscape of social protection in Asia since the 1997 financial crisis in the region, in particular raising issues about which new directions in social policy are necessary to address contemporary global challenges such as climate change and its local impacts.
  4. Lush green forests of australia
    Lush green forests of australia
  5. After two days of meetings with development researchers at the ANU and with a range of officials from the Australian Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), it was then on to Sydney to speak at a plenary of Development Futures: Alternative Pathways to End Poverty, a conference organized by ACFID (Australian Council for International Development) University Network on 21-22 November 2013. Her presentation was entitled Rethinking social development for the 21st century: From selectivity to inclusion?
  6. Some of Sarah's statements earned some serious social media engagement: these tweets got multiple retweets.
  7. Other comments were retweeted, including by Enrique Mendizabal from onthinktanks
  8. In between appearing on panels at two side events at the conference, Sarah Cook also found time to do a short interview with the staff of the Institute for Sustainable Futures of the University of Technology Sydney, summarizing her presentation at the conference.
  9. Sarah Cook talks development futures.
  10. After a packed schedule of networking, sharing and discussing UNRISD research with academics, development policy makers and practitioners from NGOs and the Australian government, and members of the public via public debates, it was time to return to UNRISD in Geneva.
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