Chartership Chat 26th September 2013 - PKSB

* This week, we focussed chat on Professional Skills and Knowledge Base (PKSB) * PKSB available to download in full from: * Upcoming dates : Full board 13th November 2013; 16/11 Portfolio Building course &PKSB session in East; 26/11 New qualifications explained, South West

  1. There still seems to be a little fear around PKSB. Weighing in at 45 pages, it's a little overwhelming. A few people expressed a lack of confidence in completing it. However, it is a chance to complete a comprehensive assessment of your own skills - The survey covers the whole range of data, information, library and knowledge management skills, making it a flexible document, no matter where you fit on the data - knowledge spectrum.
  2. A common feeling was that the language was hard to digest. @esuffield suggested going through PKSB with a mentor. 
  3. As the scheme is so broad, there is no expectation that anyone will be able to demonstrate all the skills the same high standard. Focus on the skills that are relevant to your current role - or to a role you aspire to.
  4. Use it to identify gaps in your skills and knowledge to inform area's for further development. This could form the basis of your PDPP. Use the vocabulary used in PKSB to write your PPDP - and reference it throughout your portfolio.
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