1. Did you know that the median wealth for a single white woman has been measured at $41,000, while for Hispanic women it was $140, and for Black women, $120?
  2. Did you know that year in and year out for the last 60 years, Black unemployment is always about twice as high as white unemployment?
  3. Where you live can decide everything from how safe you are, to what food you eat, to the quality of your health care to the quality of your job, to the quality of your children's education.
  4. A lot of people are concerned about the government's use of technology to monitor citizens, but the government watches some of us a lot more than others depending on where we come from.
  5. Did you know that back in the 80s there were less than half a million people in the US prison system, but now, thanks to the war on drugs, there are more than 2 million? That out of every 100,000 Americans about 700 are incarcerated, but out of every 100,000 Black men over 4,000 are incarcerated?
  6. Did you know that that White and Black Americans are about equally likely to use marijuana, but Blacks are 3.7 more likely to be arrested for it?
  7. Have you ever wondered why, even though undocumented people come to the US from all over the world, the face of undocumented persons is always assumed to be from Central America or South America?
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