Deep Sea Challenge

A team of scientists finally got James Cameron to the deepest point on earth. Several years of preparation and a couple of days waiting for the weather to lighten up, the story began:

  1. Mariana Trench is the place where two tectonic plates, the Phillipine plate and the Pacific plate collide. It has become the deepest surface point on earth.
  2. If you want to know how deep the sea bottom actually is, you have to become creative. Back then scientists believed underneath a certain depth the ocean bottom was flat and pretty much boring. But when they sunk the plumb, with which they used to measure ocean bottom depth, the line was to short. But see how they do it today:
  3. Sounding the Deepest Spot on Earth
  4. Every machine that is substantial to a human life should be tested thoroughly. See for yourself how the Deepsea Challenger was tested:
  5. National Geographic reports that the Deepsea Challenger started its decent at 3:15 p.m. E.T. ;

    I am not sure if anyone can understand how Suzy Amis is feeling right now. Ask yourself how you would feel if your husband reached this depth.
  6. Titanic April 2nd 1912
    Titanic April 2nd 1912
  7. Cthulhu for president
    Cthulhu for president
  8. Everyone needs a little fun now and then! ;-) But there is some truth to it, because noone knows what strange species lie undiscovered at those depths.
  9. When the Deepsea Challenger hits bottom, we see nothing. The fine silt on the ocean bottom is stirred up and quite some time needs to pass until those tiny sediments settle. So don't wonder why they leave James Cameron down there so long.
  10. What science do you want to promote? Do you think 140 characters is enough? I sure do. 140 characters were enough to celebrate a new world record.
  11. Personally I am hoping for the following:
  12. Just a small update, James Cameron returned to the surface safely:
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