1. New ways with coffee and tea are particularly popular at the show, as evidenced by Borgnine's unique, coffee-tinged soda.
  2. I adore the hand-hewn packaging of Raaka's USDA Organic, yacon-sweetened chocolate bar.
  3. I don't know how Laiki Crackers coaxes such a robust flavor out of rice, oil and salt, but these three-ingredient snacks are super addictive.
  4. Rice crackers made with simple ingredients (rice, oil, salt). In either red or black rice. #wffs… http://t.co/5MkAViv1TU
    Rice crackers made with simple ingredients (rice, oil, salt). In either red or black rice. #wffs http://instagram.com/p/xvDcr5vig0/ 
  5. I was expecting these White Chocolate Wasabi ready-to-bake cookies to impart an odd taste, but wasabi's spice burns off in the oven, and we're left with a pleasant, earthy-sweet flavor.
  6. Saint Benoit Creamery, makers of organic, glass-jarred French-style yogurt, branch out to ice cream (be still my fluttering heart!).
  7. Organic hemp oil makes an appearance in a fruity beverage.
  8. I really respect this brand Cup 4 Cup for upping gluten-free flour's nutrition and offering a tasty vanilla cake mix. Flax and rice bran are in the mix.
  9. Picture it: Organic brown rice flavored (and tinted) with delicious, healthy turmeric.
  10. Blend this new warm-weather, white-tea mixer with a bit of tequila for amplified summer fun. Owl's Brew strikes again.
  11. USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified Gimme Chips contain brown rice, seaweed, lentils and sesame. Crunchy, delicious and addictive (and not at all fishy).
  12. Call it functional granola: 10 grams or protein per serving and only 5 grams sugar.
  13. Packaging can make a huge difference. The founders of Frontier Bites say they have received rave reviews since transitioning to their punchy new design.
  14. Olo's Harrisa and Chipotle pastes are a cute, easy way to spice dishes ranging from sauces to appetizer.
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