Keeping the Primary in language learning

A storify report of our annual conference here in the North West of England! A day to explore the wonderful world of primary language teaching and learing and how we are making progress in KS1,KS2 and into KS3 ! Huge thanks to all our wonderful presenters,contributors and network members!

  1. So first thing this morning as I always do on a conference day , I got up and thought, will everyone be able to come along? How will it go? Will everyone take something useful and beneficial away from the conference ? So I was delighted to receive this tweet early in the morning! Especially as this was from one of my ex- Man Uni PGCE specialist trainees just at the end of a successful NQT year and about to become a language coordinator! And how did the conference go....? Well thanks Anne Marie - as I sit and write this one of our network members has just sent this tweet!!
  2. This year the focus was very much on keeping the PRIMARY in language learning and looking for progression.Here are Emilie and Claire, two of the workshop presenters today, at the start of the conference- two teachers ,who deliver primary language teaching every day of the week!
  3. And then along came all the other wonderful primary (and secondary) primary languages and transition focussed teachers too from Warrington,Wigan,Halton,Knowsley,Sefton,Cheshire, St Helens,Manchester .....Brilliant turn out.Thank you everyone!
  4. We are delighted from today to launch our new VLE! Goodbye old website that has served us all well and hello new VLE!Thanks " My Learning" for all your support! We are delighted as well to be able to announce that we are hosting on the VLE for our network members the "Link and Learn" cross curricular units,everyday class room language units and KS1 materials.Plus we are able to offer an additional service of a Primary Langauges Quality Mark with Herts for Learning to support progress and celebrate primary success and work in the KS2-KS3 transtion phase!
  5. We started with a song "If you're happy and you know it!" with greetings in different languages- great for European Day of Languages .Primary teachers never disappoint - up singing and joining in once the Barefoot Books clip started!
  6. My intention today was to inspire colleagues with ways to put languages at the centre of the curriculum and who better to help us to do this, but Elaine Minett from WSGFL and University of Chichester.A few years ago I heard her talk all about the wonderful "deep learning" primary focussed cross curricuular projects that she helped to set up,deliver and evaluate in West Sussex.The presentation lit up the room and inspired us all! The projects were set up to ......
  7. and encourage deep learning and links with the wider community and the internatonal dimension.
  8. During the presentation with all its amazing ideas that truly inspired us and that colleagues could see linked languages deep in to the whole school curriculum,Elaine reminded us that rigour is very important.We must reminder the stage of the learner, the prior learning and the amount and way children can learn and use language is still important! The project allowed for deep learning and here is the list identified by the teachers and Elaine and her colleagues during the project.
  9. So what inspired us all ....well here is what we heard and saw during this presentation!
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