Learning to Fend for Themselves

How helicopter parents are stunting their children's growth.

  1. Overprotective parents are taking away from the education their children are supposed to be receiving in college. Going to college is about academics and learning the ways of a future profession. It is also a time for students to learn how to live on their own without any help.
  2. These "helicopter parents" are hovering over their children as they go on their journey. Instead of allowing them to grow into adulthood, parents are holding them back from becoming independent.
  3. Ryan Stack is a freshman at John Jay College of Criminal Justice who has had some trouble breaking away from his mother.
  4. "I know that my mom does it out of love but when I'm getting several calls a day about how I'm handling school, it becomes a bit much," Stack said.
  5. Stack eventually got his mother to take it back a notch but still feels she needs to trust him more.
  6. "At some point she has to realize that I need to grow up and become my own man.She's not going to be holding my hand when I'm working after college so I should get some experience now."
  7. There are far too many cases of parents reaching out to administrators at campuses across the country to handle petty problems that their children may be having. Parents have gone as far as calling the president of a university to help their child deal with his loud roommate.
  8. If going to college is supposed to help students become adults then parents have to stop treating them like children.
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