Stanley Cup#StanleyCupSightings: What are the Los Angeles Kings doing with the Cup?

The Los Angeles Kings beat the New York Rangers in five games to win the 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Final series. This Storify follows Lord Stanley's Cup via social media posts in the days following the victory. Have you seen the Cup? Use #StanleyCupSightings to share your post on Instagram or Twitter.

  1. The Cup went to Hermosa Beach on Friday night

  2. The Cup went to the sun and sand on Saturday

  3. The Cup had some company on Sunday

  4. The Cup and Kings were lauded at Monday's victory parade in downtown L.A.

  5. To the Dodgers' (ice-less) stadium on Tuesday

  6. And, of course, a little more beach time

  7. Wednesday was a ladies day

  8. Three words: Viva Las Vegas!

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