1. We are nearing the end of our course and we managed to do 2 teaching strategies on one day. The phase 3 teachers all went on a field trip to Queenstown on Saturday, where Get Ahead College was the location of our activities. The teachers got to grips with how to use a field trip scavenger hunt as well as a Gallery walk as teaching and learning strategies.
  2. Field Trip

  3. During this session the teachers had to participate in a field trip scavenger hunt. They were taken to a school in the closest town, Queenstown, where they completed the activities that were created for them by the facilitators. The aim was to explore how a scavenger hunt can be used to create knowledge and understanding while at the same time have fun preferably away from school. They had to use their mobile devices and various apps to read the various clues using QR codes. For the outcomes, rules and more information, see the following tweet pictures. To download the course material for this module go here:  http://www.ict4red.blogspot.com/p/tpd-course.html 
  4. How high are you prepared to jump for your learners? How will you get to your aims?
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