Twitter Scavenger Hunt, Exploring AUC

Spring 2014 #JRMC202 Twitter Scavenger Hunt which took place on the 26th of February at AUC as an in-class assignment. Here is a glimpse of how the experience was for me.

  1. My partners and I started by setting the scene with an introductory tweet. We were very exciting and nervous at the same time because we knew we only had about an hour, maybe a little more to report back 15 questions (five extra questions than the other teams because we were a team of three instead of two) without any grammatical errors. And these questions had to be asked to complete strangers, both students and professors! 
  2. Ask a student where they get their news and if they use social media to keep up on the news.

    Our first interviewee turned out to be anti-social media. Who knew one could rely on their moms to stay updated!

  3. The first interview reassured me because the interviewee was nice and open to questions. She didn't mind to answer our questions and was very open to having her picture taken so I thought this is going to be a little bit easier than anticipated. 
  4. Then, we came across a freshman who heavily relies on social media to keep up with the news.
  5. He was a little bit shy but he still gave us all we needed.
  6. A photo and quote from somebody about AUC sports teams or the sports facilities.

    Loved the spirit at the university's gym!
  7. Photo and quote of something you think many people might not know about AUC/our campus.

    Got to know facts I had never heard of after being a student at the university for three whole years.
  8. This one was the most surprising.
  9. A photo and quote of/from somebody (not you or your partner) at their favorite eating spot on campus.

    It was interesting to see where different students enjoyed their meals on campus. I caught this student while she was still buying her sandwich and she was quite exciting to have her picture taken. She immediately started posing for the picture as such.
  10. Ask a professor what they think the role social media plays in social change.

  11. First, he was irritated because a lot of our classmates had already interviewed him and asked him the same question but then he was happy to answer our questions and gave us a lot of insight about his thoughts on social media.
  12. Next, we decided to go for a non-Journalism and Mass Communication professor to get a wider and perhaps different perspective on social media.
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