The Pro Hijab - Not an average Nike product

Two days prior to International Women's Day, Nike announced their newest product, the Pro Hijab. Nike's announcement left many social media users, with good, bad and mixed emotions.

  1. The product, estimated to cost $35 is a reasonable price in comparison to the average cost of $25 to $40 at other retailers. Starting in 2018, the Pro hijab will be available in three different colours, black, grey and a dark blue. The hijab is designed with light mesh polyester material with holes running through the back for ventilation. The hijab is also designed to not slide or slip off during activities.
  2. Zahra Abdul, an Early Childhood Education student at Humber College said the Pro Hijab is one of many things that contribute to the efforts to end xenophobia. "I've never personally been told to take my hijab off during games but I'm not blind to the stare I get from other teams," says Abdul.
  3. Abdul plays in a summer league basketball team in Mississauga and is the only girl on her team who wears a hijab. She says the most common question she gets asked is how she plays without overheating. "Basketball is a sport thats based on sprinting, so anyone is in danger of overheating, my hijab has nothing to do with it," says Abdul.
  4. "The hijab (Nike Pro hijab) does look fitting though, the only set back with the tradition hijab is that it can slip off my head," said Abdul. She said she supports Nike's new release and said it might be something she could invest in.
  5. The recent Nike commercial released on International Women's Day, featured five Middle Eastern athletes from the Arab world. The commercial gradually shows a woman picking up her pace while out for a run, despite the glares of people she passes by, sending a message that women in hijabs should not be confined because of a religious head garment.
  6. The announcement sparked many reactions some of which were more than happy to support Nike's Pro hijab.
  7. Since the announcement on Monday, not only did average twitter users voice their opinions, but also many different news outlets also chimed in.
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  15. Although many users were behind Nike with the product itself, some did not approve of the size of the logo imprinted on the side of the headscarf.
  16. Nike is one of the worlds most influential sports company, but are not the first to release a comfortable hijab for women to preform in. According to a Guardian article written Thursday by Shireen Ahmed, Oiselle designed a full uniform from head to toe for Sarah Attar. She was one of two women who competed for Saudi Arabia in the 2012 London Olympics.
  17. Following this, a Danish sportswear company, Hummel, designed full kits for the Afghanistan women's soccer team. The company's motto is to "Change The World Through Sport" and they've had hijabs on the market since 2016.
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