Supermoon takes the night

The last of three supermoons of 2017 occurred last night and caused a social media stir.

  1. What is a supermoon? A supermoon occurs when the moon lines up with the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun. This is when a new moon occurs as well. Supermoons have two phases: apogee and perigee. When the moon is closest to Earth, it's called perigee and when it's the furthest from Earth it's called apogee.
  2. Here is a short video from NASA showing the two phases:
  3. What Makes a Supermoon Super? (Animation)
  4. Here is a link to a Periscope video and a still image of the super moon from Silicon Valley, Cali.
  5. Here is how the supermoon looked from various places in Canada:
  6. The supermoon looked different from other parts of the world.
  7. During a supermoon, the moon appears 14 per cent larger and 30 per cent brighter. This is because during the perigee phase, the moon is closest to Earth.
  8. A YouTuber shot a time lapse video of the supermoon from Scituate, Mass. and it was clear the moon seemed larger and brighter.
  9. Epic timelapse shows the Harvest Moon rising over Old Scituate Light
  10. Randy Bresnik, a NASA astronaut, took a picture of the supermoon from the International Space Station. It is one of the few photos of the phenomenon that was taken from space.
  11. Those who missed the supermoon are in luck because there will be two supermoons in the new year on Jan. 1 and Jan. 31.
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