1. RNC sends care packages to troops

  2. Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel joined her staff to pack care packages for U.S. troops this holiday season.

    "I definitely want this to be an annual tradition for the RNC, I think it's something that's so important," McDaniel said."I see how my staff loved getting involved with this. It's uplifted our spirits. It exemplifies the true spirit of the holidays. And, most importantly, it's a way to serve our veterans."

  3. Flashback

  4. Rep. John Conyers of Michigan announced his retirement from Congress today amid a sexual harassment scandal and endorsed his eldest son John Conyers III to replace him. HOH wrote about the younger Conyers, a then-aspiring rapper, in 2013. Check it out.

  5. Country over party

  6. Outgoing Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake tweeted a picture of a $100 check made out to Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones’ campaign in Alabama.

    Flake, who has frequently criticized GOP candidate Roy Moore, posted a picture of the check saying simply “Country over party.”

  7. Inside the chamber during the Senate photo

  8. The Senate took its official 115th Congress photograph, which included pages, cloakroom staffers, and some reporters. In the last photograph, Sen. Tim Scott had one shoe off.

  9. When you’re on the young end of the Senate...

  10. Christmas comes early

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