1. Dozens Found Handcuffed, Executed in, around Iraq's Mosul
    Evidence points to killings by government forces...
  2. Russian Librarian Convicted of ‘Extremism’
    Already this year, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation banned Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia on the grounds they are an extremist organization, and another court convicted a 22-year-old blogger on extremism charges.
  3. Israel: 50 Years of Occupation Abuses
    Fifty years after Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza Strip, it controls these areas through repression, institutionalized discrimination, and systematic abuses of the Palestinian population’s rights.
  4. In Poland, Being a Woman Can Be Bad for Your Health
    After last year’s attempt to impose a near-total ban on abortion, the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party has introduced a bill to limit sales of emergency contraception, or the “morning-after pill,” which can prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex, including in cases of rape.
  5. 14 Protesters Facing Execution in Saudi Arabia After Unfair Trials
    “The rise in death sentences against Saudi Arabian Shia is alarming and suggests that the authorities are using the death penalty to settle scores and crush dissent under the guise of combating ‘terrorism’ and maintaining national security."
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  7. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
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  9. Europe/Central Asia
  10. In Uncertain Times, the Compass of Human Rights is Vital
    The United Kingdom awoke this morning to another political earthquake: Instead of an expected victory for the ruling Conservatives, no party garnered enough seats in Thursday’s election to control Parliament.
  11. United States
  12. Intelligence Agency Dodges Congressional Scrutiny
    Does the National Security Agency (NSA) understand that it should be accountable to its overseers in the other branches of government – and to the public?
  13. Asia
  14. Time for Tonga to End Child Marriage
    There have been more than 100 marriages of children in Tonga in the last two years. Girls have often been compelled by parents to marry, sometimes because of teenage pregnancy, or simply because they were seen with boys.
  15. Africa
  16. World's Most Neglected Conflict Rages On
    Violence in the Central African Republic has fallen from the world’s radar, but that does not mean the killings have let up.
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  18. Facebook's most discussed...
    The US should not be rewarding war crimes. Call your senators and tell them to vote to block the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia. Act Now: #StopArmingSaudi
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