Over 50,000 people worldwide have signed a petition to have rapper Snoop Dogg host the popular BBC show Planet Earth.

  1. According to Dr. Samita Nandy, Director at the Center for Media and Celebrity Studies in Toronto, the petition got a lot of attention because of the famous rapper's name.
  2. "The attention that Snoop Dogg has received is not new. He has already gained visibility: he is a well-known rapper that has extraordinary talent, bizarre impressions, and eccentric looks, while he gives voice to environmental issues and animals in ordinary ways," she told Humber News in an email on Tuesday.
  3. All of this started out with a funny sketch on the U.S. late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live.
  4. On an episode of the popular talk show, rapper Snoop Dogg acted in a sketch called Plizzanet Earth where he narrated his own version of the popular BBC show Animal Planet.
  5. Plizzanet Earth with Snoop Dogg - Otter vs. Crocs
  6. His attempt at comic narration was such a success that the petition was started on the website change.org.
  7. The petition “Get Snoop Dogg to Narrate Whole Season of Planet Earth” created by Kelly Ooton has generated over 53,000 signatures as of midday Tuesday.
  8. The petition even got support from Snoop Dogg himself.
  9. Still, it is unlikely BBC will replace their current host, Sir David Attenborough.
  10. "Is Snoop Dogg really comparable to Sir David Attenborough? In some ways, the claim that Snoop Dogg should replace Sir Attenborough is constructed, bizarre, and not called by the BBC," said Nandy
  11. "Those signing have no expectation to watch 11 hours of Snoop Dogg's narration," said C. W. Marshall, pop culture enthusiast and Professor at the University of British Colombia
  12. "Most, I suspect, have not watched the decade-old documentary series," he told Humber News in an email.
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