Outside Hacks 2014

We return to the official hackathon of the SF Outside Lands Music Festival

  1. We spent our weekend at Outside Hacks, the official hackathon for San Francisco's Outside Lands Music Festival. 115 hackers descended on the North Beach offices of Weebly to imagine and build apps to transform the music festival experience.
  2. Creator and host Travis Laurendine kicked off the festivities, which included API introductions and "office hours" for us and other sponsors Teespring, Keen IO, Spotify, The Echo Nest, Rdio, Mashery, and OpenAura to get hackers started with using their APIs.
  3. After the intros, hacking began in earnest, with teams breaking off and finding their own spots around the office.
  4. Of course, hacking can get tiring, but thankfully the Weebly office had plenty of distractions to let hackers unwind and refresh their creative juices before hacking some more.
  5. Hacking continued through the night, with many teams staying overnight and sleeping in makeshift beds and sleeping bags (or not at all). Hackers were weary and stressed out in the morning, with hacks starting to come together, but with lots of work still to go. There was a big push all the up to the submission time, but by the end, 25 hacks were submitted for competition.

    The hackers really put in a lot of effort, many of them staying up all night, and all of the hacks were really innovative and well integrated with the theme of the hackathon. There was a great variety in the hacks, all of them contributing in some way to making the festival-going experience more convenientenvironmentally friendly, and fun! Here are some that caught our eye:
  6. RideShare was built by a team of high school students who had learned to code through the Girls Who Code program only a few weeks before the hackathon. Their mobile app made it easy for festival-goers to share taxis/Ubers with other people going the same direction, saving people money, and helping cut down on emissions generated by the festival.
  7. RideShare #outsidelands #outsidehacks
    RideShare #outsidelands #outsidehacks
  8. Dance Compass uses the accelerometer in the iPhone to measure how actively a person is dancing, and then aggregates those across lots of festival-goers to generate a "heat map" of where people are having the most fun.  
  9. Dance Compass #outsidelands #outsidehacks
  10. Outside Lands is known not just for the stellar lineup of musicians they assemble each year, but also for their amazing selection of the best local food vendors. OutsideGrubs helps you find the best food and drink pairings to go with the band you're listening to. They base their suggestions on a combination of the user's preferences, curated pairing recommendations from the actual food vendors at Outside Lands, as well as the musical mood of the band. For example, a band like The Killers whose music can be considered "Empowering" would be paired with a hearty burger and IPA, or a "Yearning" Indie Rock band like Haim would go with some tacos and a wheat beer. 
  11. Music Skillet
    Because there are so many artists performing at Outside Lands, it can sometimes be hard to decide who to go see. Music Skillet makes that decision easier for you by looking at your music collection in Spotify, then giving you personalized recommendations of bands to go see at the festival. It uses data from Gracenote, The Echo Nest, and Keen IO to build up a graph database of similar artists to recommend from.
  12. Music skillet #outsidehacks #outsidelands
    Music skillet #outsidehacks #outsidelands
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