Global Soil Week 2017

‘Catalyzing SDG Implementation through a Land and Soil Review’ #ThemeSoil

  1. How can a #Soil & #Land lens help achieve the #2030Agenda? Find out at this year's #GlobalSoilWeek #GSW17
    How can a #Soil & #Land lens help achieve the #2030Agenda? Find out at this year's #GlobalSoilWeek #GSW17
  2. On May 22-24 participants of this year's Global Soil Week met in Berlin, Germany to discuss contributions to Global Thematic Reviews at the UN High Political Forum for Sustainable Development (HLPF). By looking through the lens of Soil and Land, #ThemeSoil aims to bring an integrated perspective across the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals...
  3. Global Soil Week 2017 is part of an long process of getting soils on the global political agenda. Starting in 2012 with the first Global Soil Week, continuing with regional conferences in Brazil and Kenya, a High-Level event in 2016, and now, with a Soil & Land Thematic Review for the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals as contribution to the UN HLPF.
  4. Better Save Soil - English
  5. We followed the belief that a Thematic Review should aim to live up to the ambition and principles of the 2030 Agenda....

  6. · Universality (that the SDGs apply to all countries and should be achieved in all countries, considering also effects of a country’s actions on others)
  7. · Inclusion to leave no one behind (referring to different actors, types of knowledge and deliberate attempts at empowering vulnerable and marginalized actors)
  8. How do we include Youth in the UN Sustainable Development Goals?
  9. · Integration (that the SDGs are linked to each other as a package and achieving one of them should not hinder progress in others)

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