1. Scouting the GeoBeer #16 location gave promising results:
  2. Soon registration opened:
  3. And the registrations came flooding in!
  4. So much so that we ran out of tickets really fast.
  5. Thankfully, canton of Aargau increased the initial quota of 50 people to 70, so we could accomodate some more geo-enthusiasts.
  6. The program:
  7. Final instructions as to where to go, courtesy of AGIS and @tmwdr:
  8. The day has arrived: GeoBeer #16 was upon us! Excitement!
  9. The Canton of Zurich sent more than one emissary to the neighboring Aargau:
  10. Our delegation – Stephan, Jürg, Ralph – went a bit early to help with set-up:
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