Dodge Foundation Week in Review: Spotlight on Poetry and Creativity

In honor of National Poetry Month, we're going to focus our Week in Review on poetry and creativity. Read on to learn about #creativesprint and some inspirational posts worth sharing about embracing creativity anywhere.


  2. Are You A Poetry Ambassador?

  3. Whether you’re reading a Poem-a-Day on, writing a poem a day as part of NaPoWriMo, carrying one in your pocket or just generally being more open to poetry this month, April is a great time to connect with poetry personally, and to share it with friends. As the flowers bloom, so will you!
    Here at the Dodge offices, Poetry Staff will be placing poems in unexpected places for our colleagues to discover, helping them to have a poetry experience during their day. It’s a simple way to stop and take a moment for art and mindfulness, whether during your morning cup of coffee, a quick trip to the kitchen to grab a snack, or even a bathroom break!
  4. You, too, can be a poetry ambassador. Read more here.

  5. A few Dodge staffers are challenging themselves to fit creativity into their everyday lives through the #creativesprint challenge this April. Click the link below to learn more about the challenge (sign up to get daily prompts), and check out some of the projects we made on our first day:

  6. How to revive a neighborhood with imagination, beauty and art