Malnutrition is the new normal: A British problem needing a global outlook

  1. On the 4th of July, we hosted an event in Parliament on malnutrition in all its forms in the UK and abroad. Our fantastic and dynamic speakers laid out the issues facing the global and UK food systems and how they're resulting in many types of malnutrition. Obesity, undernutrition and stunting are all signs of a food system that is struggling to adequately support human health, and as our key note speaker, Professor Corinna Hawkes, said: this is truly a global issue.
  2. The event was chaired by Lord Cameron of Dillington, who defined the scope of the food system as spanning from "soil to stomach" - an apt and succinct summary of the breadth of entry points available for improving the food system.
  3. Professor Corinna Hawkes, Director of the Centre for Food Policy at City University, gave the keynote address - an informative and engaging look at the food system and policies to improve it. She took us through our daily interactions with the food system - from the perspective of a mother and her children - and explained how they might changed to reduce malnutrition through people-focused food system policies. She put forward the call for more policy coherence and coordination between health ministers and those working in the broader food system.
  4. Professor Corinna Hawkes - UK & Global Malnutrition: The New Normal
  5. To see Corinna's full presentation click HERE
  6. Maggie Throup, MP spoke on the role of poverty and inequality in malnutrition in the UK, and called for "bold and brave" action from government to address unhealthy food and drink advertising.
  7. Maggie Throup, MP - UK & Global Malnutrition: The New Normal
  8. Emma Lewell-Buck, MP gave an impassioned speech on poverty and hunger in the UK. She particularly emphasised the need for the UK to systematically measure household food insecurity, as a key tool for prompting and monitoring policy change.
  9. Emma Lewell Buck, MP - UK & Global Malnutrition: The New Normal
  10. Lord Watts - Chair of the UK-Brazil APPG - spoke of the importance of tackling childhood obesity and learning from the experiences of other countries like Brazil.
  11. Lord Watts - UK & Global Malnutrition: The New Normal
  12. Anna Taylor, Executive Director of the Food Foundation, spoke about the opportunities to improve health through the food system, but that we need to incentivise and encourage this change.
  13. Anna Taylor - UK & Global Malnutrition: The New Normal
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