#FlipkartCustomerDay - When lucky customers peeked inside Flipkart!

July 26, 2017 was #FlipkartCustomerDay. Flipkart had a few special guests visiting its campus and facilities as a part of the #FlipkartCustomerDay. Twelve lucky customers who enrolled for the customer contest became Flipsters for a day and got an inside view of the workings of India’s largest e-commerce marketplace. Did they enjoy the twelve-hour crash course? Find out!

  1. It started with a contest. Customers had to write, in 100 words, why they wanted to visit Flipkart. For logistical reasons, participation was limited to customers in Bengaluru. We were flooded with entries, but we chose the best ones. On D-Day, 12 lucky customers got to experience Flipkart up close and personal. From our side, we were overwhelmed by the curiosity and wisdom that we gained from interacting with our customers. Thank you!

  2. First, listen to a podcast from Flipkart Customer Day via Studio34 (contains Tamil and English)

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  7. What an overwhelming day! Every day is Customer Day at Flipkart, but this one was extra special!
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