Twitter Scavenger Hunt

The hunt for collecting the fastest and most interesting facts from random students and professors on The American University in Cairo's campus. Since we're fast, we are the WINNERS.

  1. Competition among students might lead them to do their best. In Spring 2014, we, JRMC 202 students, were asked to go on a Twitter Scavenger Hunt with a specific list of questions in hand. 

    When I knew that I was taking part of Professor Kim Fox's very famous assignment, I was joyous since I love competition. 

    My partner and I started off the hunt very excited. 
  2. We began by asking Professor Fikry Boutrous. 
  3. He gave us his opinion about the role of social media plays in social change. 
  4. We, then, knew where does a freshman student keeps himself informed about the news.  
  5. Along the hunt, we met a student with a love-fun relationship with research writing. 
  6. We, later, discovered a little hidden fact about AUC. 
  7. Our hunt changed from searching for academic subjects to searching for sport fanatics. 
  8. Later, we portrayed the various and diverse clubs at AUC. 
  9. Afterwards, we found school spirit by meeting Nada "Porsche". 
  10. Following that, we asked a student where she likes to eat on campus. 
  11. After spotting the blooming flowers. 
  12. We shared out favourite spots on campus. Mine was in the gardens. 
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