Freedom of Information round-up week ending December 15 2017

A round-up of Freedom of Information stories in the media and developments to the FOI act in the United Kingdom from the week ending December 15 2017 2017

  1. This week Freedom of Information taught us:

  2. The Brexit department isn't any good at FOI

  3. As The Guardian reports:
  4. Theresa May’s key Brexit department has failed to respond to more than six out of 10 freedom of information requests over the past year, giving it the worst annual record for secrecy in Whitehall.
  5. Although this probably shouldn't be too much of a surprise given the cock-up over the publication (and existence) of the Brexit impact reports.

  6. Russia Today spent £310,000 on adverts across London

  7. The festival organisers refused to play for police

  8. Wikileaks is a publisher, according to an FOI judge

  9. "The definition of WikiLeaks by the information tribunal, which is roughly equivalent to a court, could help Assange’s defence against extradition on press freedom grounds."

  10. Drivers dodging the Dartford Crossing toll are getting fined

  11. A big deal for China to invest in the UK is in doubt

  12. From us:

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