Freedom of Information round-up week ending December 8 2017

A round-up of Freedom of Information stories in the media and developments to the FOI act in the United Kingdom from the week ending December 8 2017 2017

  1. This week Freedom of Information taught us

  2. Prince Charles was lobby at the highest levels in Scotland

  3. Despite FOI laws changing in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to block royals' correspondence from disclosure, Scotland still has the ability for FOI requesters to get information on the family. As The Guardian reported:

    Scotland’s freedom of information legislation, which allows publication of royal correspondence with ministers, is more liberal than far stricter UK legislation that forbids the release of correspondence from the royal household, after the Guardian won a legal action to force ministers to release the prince’s “black spider memos” from 2005 and 2006.

  4. This is how much it cost for dealing with Ian Brady's body after he died

  5. Police stats show there have been 23% more incidents of teenagers carrying knives this year, compared to 2016

  6. The national tactical response group has had a busy year

  7. Police records say there wasn't a call about JFK

  8. From Scotland: There's been a slight drop in students seeking counselling this year

  9. From the US: The military is incredibly interested in gene editing

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