FFAR Crops in Controlled Environments Convening Event

Growers, CEOs and scientists from 27 businesses, 7 universities and the USDA joined FFAR at the IBM Research headquarters in Yorktown Heights, New York on November 13. Thank you for your engaging participation.

  1. FFAR Executive Director Sally Rockey and Scientific Program Director John Reich set the stage for a collaborative meeting.

  2. Why CEA research: Potential for improving health and nutrition

  3. Why CEA Research: New market opportunities

  4. Inspiring Speakers

  5. Keynote by Caleb Harper, MIT OpenAg Initiative

  6. AeroFarms Chief Technology Officer Roger Buelow
  7. Learn more about FFAR-funded research by AeroFarms and Rutgers University to improve the quality of leafy greens.
  8. Most tweeted slide and quote: Kevin Folta's demonstration of how the same crop variety reacts differently to different applications of light. Scientists and growers are "Painting seeds with light"
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