#EYAutoChat: Will new mobility mean the end of “old” automotive?

On 12 April 2017, on the first press day of the New York International Auto Show, EY leaders Randy Miller, Kristin Schondorf, Anil Valsan and Regan Grant were live on Twitter, fielding questions and sharing insights on the latest industry trends and what they mean for the future.

  1. As the EY team prepared for the chat, we warmed up the crowd by asking our #EYAutoChat participants to answer a poll.
  2. We kicked off our #EYAutochat discussion with a question about #NYIAS.
  3. The next question was submitted in advance via email from Patrick @FT about automotive investors' interests.
  4. Question #3 focused on how automakers can stay in the game with the rising trend of mobility services.
  5. @EY_JeffHenning asked Question #4, about the latest vehicle trends.
  6. Question #5 also came in from @EY_JeffHenning about the ever-changing customer experience dynamic.
  7. Our 6th question focused on the partnership of automakers and tech companies.
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