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State issued fiat money is an intrinsically useless product. Zetacoin is made to serve the people!

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  2. January 6, 2014 Congratulations! "Mobile Payment For Unbanked" has been fully supported last night. Our message Enable financial inclusion: A mobile app for the unbanked! In 30 seconds payments from person to person. is out to the world, being shared on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr by our 102 supporters to an audience of 69'814.  The moment of truth has arrived and today is a big day.  I want to say thanks! I appreciate your help very much.  If you follow me on twitter, facebook or tumblr you will be updated!
  3. What is the fundamental advantage of being 'banked' at all? Unbanked people already use financial services lots of them, in fact. However, these financial services are all informal: moneylenders, informal savings groups, savings in the form of animals or jewelry, supplier credit, etc. When a factory worker needs to send money to his or her relatives in a remote village, often the only option is to put the money on a bus and hope it arrives. These options are convenient, but also fundamentally insecure, unpredictable, and often costly. Low-income people are particularly vulnerable to shocks, like a death of an income-earner or a hurricane that wipes out crops. In many ways, they need financial services even more than higher-income people - that's why they already use those informal services. Access to more formal financial services enables people to take control of their financial lives and benefit from more predictable, stable, secure and relatively low-cost services. By being "banked", people can better plan for the future, save to send their children to school, invest in their businesses, and protect themselves against unexpected crises.
  4. Brazilian Kpomo (GTBank Mobile Money Animation)
  5. The main reason why banks do not serve the majority of people in developing countries is because it simply costs too much. Low-income people transact in very small amounts and often live and work in remote or hard-to-reach places. The transactions costs are simply too high for banks to set up branches or even ATM machines in many locales. The mobile value-add is in reducing these costs dramatically. With more than 4b mobile phones on the planet - most of them in developing countries - nearly everyone has the potential to transact. This is very powerful. Even illiterate people are often numerate and already understand how to use the phone for this purpose.
  6. Cryptocurrency is poised to serve the people!
  7. Now Safaricom’s M-Pesa, operators of a mobile phone payment platform in Kenya that has transformed the country’s financial system, announced it will integrate a bitcoin service within its system. So what does this mean for the “unbanked” population in Africa, South Asia and around the world? M-Pesa is just one example of how emerging technology hubs such as Nairobi, Accra and Johannesburg have helped nudge much of Africa’s economic transformation. Seven of the world’s 10 fastest growing economies are in Africa, so multinationals and local companies see the continent as ripe for investment. Nevertheless, many Africans from South Africa to Nigeria still lack access to basic banking services. But with over 650 million mobile phone subscribers in Africa, various services across the continent allow deposits, withdrawals and transfers for as little as $US1.
  8. Current drawback of cryptocurrency: High volatility: 
  9. Benefits of mobile money: 
  10. Mobile money works because it enables the service provider to get very close to customers. They do this through agents. Agents can be neighbourhood shops, petrol stations, even lottery ticket sellers. These agents are the "face" of the business and determine customers' trust and willingness to transact over the mobile platform.
  11. It is costly to build and manage the agent network, but these costs are worth incurring in order to get to scale and they will eventually pay off - as some of the more successful mobile money experiments are showing.
  12. Step 1: M-Pesa works with Kenya Shilling (KES).
  13. Mobile Money in Developing Economies
  14. Drawback of KES: It's high long-term volatility. Compared with cryptocurrency KES is not the better choice.
  15. Drawbacks of state issued money: What the rupee depreciation means for India
  16. #DailyOutrage What the rupee depreciation means for India
  17. But not everyone trusts his or her country’s local currency, and most mobile banking services either do not allow cross-border wire transfers or do so at a prohibitive cost. In steps Kipochi, the bitcoin wallet that in part solves this problem and does so with very low transaction fees. Users can send remittances more cost effectively, and easily: Kipochi users simply use their mobile phone numbers in lieu of a bank account number. M-Pesa’s agility in handling very small payments makes it a natural for users of Kipochi, which divides bitcoins into millibits, one-thousandths of the currency, or about eight cents.
  18. For the following reasons Zetacoin is a good solution to serve the people
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